Cameron Dane Quotes: I Want To Make Love To You Rhone I Want

I Want To Make Love To You, Rhone. I Want To Fill Your Ass With My Penis And Fuck You Until You Love It Just As Much As I Do. I Want To Suck Your Dick And Eat Your Balls Until Your Cum Coats My Tongue And Throat. I Want You To Do The Same To Me. I Want To Come Inside You, In Your Mouth, In Your Ass, On Your Chest, Marking You As Mine In A Way You Can Feel Even When I'm Not By Your Side. That's What I Want. It's What I've Wanted Ever Since You Told Me I Could Have A Different, Better Life And Then Took The Time To Care And To Show Me How To Care About Myself. I Want Everything You Can Give, And I Want To Offer You Everything That I Am.
— Cameron Dane —

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