Quinn Loftis Quotes: Jen Put Her Hands On Her Hips And Pinned

Jen Put Her Hands On Her Hips And Pinned Sally With The Famous 'you're Going To Spit It Out Or I'm Going To Rip It Out Of You' Look. "You Talked?" Jen Asked Sarcastically. "Sally," She Cleared Her Throat Then Continued, "you Have A Mate. A Guaranteed Husband. A Sure Thing. Not To Mention He's Hot, Funny, Sweet, And He Has A Dimple. You Talked?" She Repeated. This Time Jen's Voice Was Skeptical. Before Sally Could Defend Herself, However, Her Door Opened Slowly, Calculatingly.
"I Know You Weren't Describing Me Jennifer. So Who Is This Male Who Has Caught Your Eye So Descriptively? Please Do Tell, So That I Can Rip Him To Pieces." Decebel's Power Filled The Room And Sally Took An Involuntary Step Away From The Very Angry Alpha.
— Quinn Loftis —

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