Donna L. Jones Quotes: Time Is A Funny Thing It Can Give And It

Time Is A Funny Thing, It Can Give And It Can Take Away; And A Single Moment In Time Can Truly Change One's Life Forever!
The Best Kind Of Love Is Unexpected, Unexplainable, Undeniable, And Unimaginable.
Your Sweet Scent Will Forever Be With Me, Reminding Me Of The Love We Once Shared. I Will Breathe In The Memories Until We Meet Again.
Before You Act On What You Have Been Told, Consider Your Source. It May Simply Be Assumption On Their Part, And That Can Be Far From Fact.
Why Stand Back And Wait For Someone To Fail When You Can Stand Up And Offer Your Support?
Love Is When The Sound Of Your Partner's Snoring Lulls You To Sleep, And It Acts As A Reminder That They Are There By Your Side.
Building A Wall Around Your Heart Is A Voluntary Imprisonment To Which Only You Have The Key. Open Your Heart To Life's Possibilities!
— Donna L. Jones —

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