50 Cent Quotes: Understand People Judge You By

Understand: People Judge You By Appearances, The Image You Project Through Your
actions, Words, And Style. If You Do Not Take Control Of This Process, Then People Will See
and Define You The Way They Want To, Often To Your Detriment. You Might Think That
being Consistent With This Image Will Make Others Respect And Trust You, But In Fact It Is
the Opposite-over Time You Seem Predictable And Weak. Consistency Is An Illusion
anyway-each Passing Day Brings Changes Within You. You Must Not Be Afraid To
express These Evolutions. The Powerful Learn Early In Life That They Have The Freedom To
mold Their Image, Fitting The Needs And Moods Of The Moment. In This Way, They Keep
others Off Balance And Maintain An Air Of Mystery. You Must Follow This Path And Find
great Pleasure In Reinventing Yourself, As If You Were The Author Writing Your Own
— 50 Cent —

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