Chris Hedges Quotes: The Words Consent Of The Governed Have

The Words Consent Of The Governed Have Become An Empty Phrase. Our Textbooks On Political Science And Economics Are Obsolete. Our Nation Has Been Hijacked By Oligarchs, Corporations, And A Narrow, Selfish, Political, And Economic Elite, A Small And Privileged Group That Governs, And Often Steals, On Behalf Of Moneyed Interests. This Elite, In The Name Of Patriotism And Democracy, In The Name Of All The Values That Were Once Part Of The American System And Defined The Protestant Work Ethic, Has Systematically Destroyed Our Manufacturing Sector, Looted The Treasury, Corrupted Our Democracy, And Trashed The Financial System. During This Plundering We Remained Passive, Mesmerized By The Enticing Shadows On The Wall, Assured Our Tickets To Success, Prosperity, And Happiness Were Waiting Around The Corner.
— Chris Hedges —

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