David A. Norris Quotes: From The Beginning Judeo Christian

From The Beginning, Judeo-Christian Principles Have Been The Foundation For American Public Dialogue And Government Policy. They Serve As The Solid Basis For Political Activism In Support Of A Better Socioeconomic Environment. Found In American Homes, Truth From The Hebrew Christian Bible Has Enabled Individual Liberty To Prevail Over Secular Empires Because It Is A Practical Message About Reality From Man's Creator.
In Their Quest For Liberty, Americans Focused Upon The Conspicuously Self-evident "Laws Of Nature And Of Nature's God." It Is The Governing Character Of These Principles (laws), Such As Humility, The Golden Rule, And The Ten Commandments, That Leads To Success. This Is The Sure Foundation Upon Which Man's Right To "life, Liberty, And The Pursuit Of Happiness" Rests. Called "virtue" By America's Founding Fathers, The Impartial And Divine Element Frees Man To Do What Is Right. "Where The Spirit Of The Lord Is, There Is Liberty" (2 Cor. 3:17).
— David A. Norris —

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