Kris Radish Quotes: Of Course There Are Many Ways To

:Of Course There Are Many Ways To Celebrate Death & Life, & Of Course As They Bounce Into Their 40's & 50's & 60's, The Fingers Of Time Grow A Bit Longer, & Yet ... & Yet Life Doesn't Stop. Life Doesn't Stop Or Wait Even If You Do. Pause If You Must ... But Then Catch Up Fast. Run With The Wind. Slide Down The Hill Tumbling Head First, So That You Can Fall Into The Hands Of Now. Today. Everyday. Every Minute. Every Second. Of Course It's Also Ok To Hold Onto Your Grief, & Ride It As If Your Own Life Depended On It Through A Sea Of Rough Waters, Waves As High As Heaven, Through The Thunderous Barrage Of Emotions That Are The Very Heart Of Loss. Any Loss. Love. Death. Job. A Slice Of A Segment Of Your Life That Made Up The Whole. Of Course ... The Whole Damn World Needs To Have More Fun. A Hellofa Lot More Fun.
— Kris Radish —

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