Kaui Hart Hemmings Quotes: I Drift Off For A While I Dont Know How

I Drift Off For A While. I Don't Know How Long, But When I Open My Eyes, The Oscars Are Still On And Alex Tells Me That Sid Has Gone And This Makes Me A Little Sad. Whatever The Four Of Us Had Is Over. He Is My Daughter's Boyfriend Now, And I Am A Father. A Widower. No Pot, No Cigarettes, No Sleeping Over. They'll Have To Find Inventive Ways To Conduct Their Business, Most Likely In Uncomfortable Places, Just Like The Rest Of Them. I Let Him And My Old Ways Go. We All Let Him Go, As Well As Who We Were Before This, And Now It's Really Just The Three Of Us. I Glance Over At The Girls, Taking A Good Look At What's Left.
— Kaui Hart Hemmings —

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