Jim Cymbala Quotes: Why Do The Greatest Miracle Stories Seem

Why Do The Greatest Miracle Stories Seem To Come From Mission Fields, Either Overseas Or Among The Destitute Here At Home (the Teen Challenge Outreach To Drug Addicts, For Example)? Because The Need Is There. Christians Are Taking Their Sound Doctrine And Extending It To Lives In Chaos, Which Is What God Has Called Us All To Do. Without This Extension Of Compassion It Is All Too Easy For Bible Teachers And Authors To Grow Haughty. We Become Proud Of What We Know. We Are So Impressed With Our Doctrinal Orderliness That We Become Intellectually Arrogant. We Have The Rules And Theories All Figured Out While The Rest Of The World Is Befuddled And Confused About God's Truth ... Poor Souls.
— Jim Cymbala —

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