Karl Jaspers Quotes: The Limits Of Science Have Always Been

The Limits Of Science Have Always Been The Source Of Bitter Disappointment When People Expected Something From Science That It Was Not Able To Provide. Take The Following Examples: A Man Without Faith Seeking To Find In Science A Substitute For His Faith On Which To Build His Life; A Man Unsatisfied By Philosophy Seeking An All-embracing Universal Truth In Science; A Spiritually Shallow Person Growing Aware Of His Own Futility In The Course Of Engaging In The Endless Reflections Imposed By Science. In Every One Of These Cases, Science Begins As An Object Of Blind Idolatry And Ends Up As An Object Of Hatred And
contempt. Disenchantment Inevitably Follows Upon These And Similar Misconceptions. One Question Remains: What Value Can Science Possibly Have When Its Limitations Have Become So Painfully Clear?
— Karl Jaspers —

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