Tijan Quotes: He Came Back Up With A Brighter Smile

He Came Back Up With A Brighter Smile. "And I'm Proven Right, Again! You Guys Should Hire Me For This Talent I Have. Mom, I Bet You Have A Better Sex Life With That Garrett Dude Than You Did With Dad."
He Turned Towards James. "And Dad, I Bet Your Sex Life Is Pretty Good With Analise. She Strikes Me As The Slutty Type."
He Grinned Broadly. "And David ... I Don't Know You That Well, But You Strike Me As Conservative. You're Only Going To Be With A Conservative Woman, Maybe One That Looks Exotic Though. I Can Tell You Have Control Issues. You Don't Like Anyone Who Is Wilder Than You, Probably Why You Had Problems With Your Ex, Huh? As For The Current One, She's Hot Under The Covers, But I Don't Know If You Want Her To Be." He Shook His Head In Sympathy. "You Might Want To Take Care Of That.
— Tijan —

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