Lindsay Hill Quotes: And He Came To Understand That The

And He Came To Understand That The Burial Of The Broken Wasn't Eccentric - This Was What People Did Every Day, Stuffing Their Brokenness Down, Pushing It Down, Smoothing The Surface Over, Making The Surface Look Like Nothing Was Broken Underneath. Because, If People See That You Are Broken, They Will Not Want To Stand With You. They Will Migrate Away From You The Way Groups Of People Walking Down The Street Will Move Aside When A Shambling Ranting Man Approaches. They Will Look At The Ground And Look Away So That Such A Person Becomes Invisible. So If You Are Such A Person Or Just An Everyday Person With Some Broken Places, Some Places Really Broken, You Will Pull Them Back From View So You Can Mingle With Others Without Being Seen As Broken. Because If You Have The Look Of A Broken Thing, If You Are Pushed Aside And Turned From, You Will Never Find Your Footing Again In The World.
— Lindsay Hill —

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