Mark Billingham Quotes: London Was A City Of Ghosts Some Deader

London Was A City Of Ghosts, Some Deader Than Others.
Thorne Knew That In This Respect, It Wasn't Unlike Any Other Major City - New York Or Paris Or Sydney - But He Felt Instinctively That London Was ... At The Extreme. The Darker Side Of That History, As Opposed To The Parks, Palaces And Pearly Kings' Side That Made Busloads Of Japanese And American Tourists Gawk And Jabber. The Hidden History Of A City Where The Lonely, The Dispossessed, The Homeless, Wandered The Streets, Brushing Shoulders With The Shadows Of Those That Had Come Before Them. A City In Which The Poor And The Plague-ridden, Those Long-since Hanged For Stealing A Loaf Or Murdered For A Shilling, Jostled For Position With Those Seeking A Meal, Or A Score, Or A Bed For The Night.
A City Where The Dead Could Stay Lost A Long Time
— Mark Billingham —

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