Katrina Kenison Quotes: A Balanced Life Has A Rhythym But We

A Balanced Life Has A Rhythym. But We Live In A Time, And In A Culture, That Encourages Everyone To Just Move Faster. I'm Learning That If I Don't Take The Time To Tune In To My Own More Deliberate Pace, I End Up Moving To Someone Else's, The Speed Of Events Around Me Setting A Tempo That Leaves Me Feeling Scattered And Out Of Touch With Myself. I Know Now That I Can't Write Fast; That Words, My Own Thoughts And Ideas, Come To The Surface Slowly And In Silence. A Close Relationship With Myself Requires Slowness. Intimacy With My Husband And Guarded Teenage Sons Requires Slowness. A Good Conversation Can't Be Hurried, It Needs Time In Which To Meander Its Way To Revelation And Insight. Even Cooking Dinner With Care And Attention Is Slow Work. A Thoughtful Life Is Not Rushed.
— Katrina Kenison —

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