Rae Hachton Quotes: Thats The Problem Frankie Thats Why Im

That's The Problem, Frankie. That's Why I'm Not Kissing You Right Now. A Kiss Just Isn't A Kiss. It's No Ordinary Thing. One Day Perhaps I Can Prove That To You. People Have Died From Wanting-desiring-a Mere Kiss; It's More Complex Than You Believe It To Be. You're Very Pretty ... Beautiful Even. But You Shouldn't Let Just Any Guy Kiss You. It Should Be Meaningful. And You Shouldn't Be So Willing To Share Your Lips With Him. Sharing Your Lips Loosely Is Nearly As Intimate As Sharing Other Parts Of Yourself. One Teases And Tempts The Other, In A Great Prelude. I'd Like To Think You Don't Kiss Very Often.
— Rae Hachton —

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