Robert Paul Weston Quotes: Jiminy Says The Old Woman The Mothballs

Jiminy," Says The Old Woman. The Mothballs Gleam With Excitement And She Claps Her Hands. "A Wolf!"
"Gram!" Siobhan Glares Across The Room. She Turns To Me. "You'll Have To Excuse Her. She's Real Old. Wasn't A Lot Integrating Between The Species Back In Her Day."
I Pad Over And Put Out A Paw. "Pleased To Meet You, Madam."
She Blushes, The Varicose Veins In Her Cheeks Swelling With Blood. Instead Of Taking My Paw To Shake, However, She Turns It Over As If It's A Piece Of Bruised Fruit In A Market. "Hmmm ... " She Pores Over My Palm, Nodding Like A Fortune-teller. Her Spectacles Slide Comically Down The Bridge Of Her Nose, And When She Looks Up At Me, Her Face Is Full Of Mock Astonishment. "Oh, My! What Big Teeth You Have!" She Giggles And Kicks Her Slippered Feet.
The Old Elf Claps Her Tiny Hands. "I Always Wanted To Say That!
— Robert Paul Weston —

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