Jonathan Friesen Quotes: Whats Wrong With Me I Lose My Footing In

What's Wrong With Me? I Lose My Footing, In Here.' He Touched His Head. 'When A Neuro-typical Looses Their Footing, They Yell Or Escape To The TV, Or Maybe The Doctor Throws Them On Depression Meds. But When I Slip, I Fall All The Way Through. I Feel The Ground Give Way And I'm Gone. It's A Crack
A Crack In What's Real, And Beneath There I'm Stuck. Then, I Guess I Become Someone Else. Mom Says I Still Know My Name, But I Walk A Different World. The Shrink Calls It DID
Dissociative Identity Disorder
With A Little Added Autism To Spice Up My Other Personality. I Suppose He's Right, But Only I Know How It Feels To Slip Through The Cracks. Then The Monster Shows Up.
— Jonathan Friesen —

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