Rachel Higginson Quotes: I Dont Know If I Can Ever Live Up To The

I Don't Know If I Can Ever Live Up To The Legacy That He Left Behind. I Don't Know If I Want To. But Liz, He Died. And You're Still Alive. And There Is So Much Left Of Your Life To Live. I Want To Live It With You. I Want To Be A Part Of Everything That Remains For You, Good And Bad. I Want To Be There For Your Kids, For Your Stressful Days, For Your Amazing Days, For All Of Your Nights And For Every Moment In Between. We Tried The Time Apart, But We Are Better Together. Both Of Us. Yes, Grady Was Your Great Love, But You Are Mine. And If You Would Let Me, I Would Be Yours Too. There Isn't A Limit On How Much We Can Love, Liz. You Had Grady. Now Have Me.
— Rachel Higginson —

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