Nathaniel J. Wyeth Quotes: Im Convinced That The Best Solutions Are

I'm Convinced That The Best Solutions Are Often The Ones That Are Counterintuitive - That Challenge Conventional Thinking - And End In Breakthroughs. It Is Always Easier To Do Things The Same Old Way ... Why Change? To Fight This, Keep Your Dissatisfaction Index High And Break With Tradition. Don't Be Too Quick To Accept The Way Things Are Being Done. Question Whether There's A Better Way. Very Often You Will Find That Once You Make This Break From The Usual Way - And Incidentally, This Is Probably The Hardest Thing To Do-and Start On A New Track Your Horizon Of New Thoughts Immediately Broadens. New Ideas Flow In Like Water. Always Keep Your Interests Broad - Don't Let Your Mind Be Stunted By A Limited View.
— Nathaniel J. Wyeth —

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