Ann Brasco Quotes: As A Young Wife And Mother Living In A

As A Young Wife And Mother Living In A Pre-Pinterest World, I Used To Glue-gun Bows And Small Pieces Of Minutia Together Methodically. I Was An Insomniac Proudly Penning Thank You Notes Longer Than The Declaration Of Independence To Every Person Who Had Even Sent Me A Card. I Was Reorganizing My Linen Closet, Ironing Placemats, Straight-ironing My Hair, And Never Saying No To Any Person That Asked Me For A Favor. And, I Forgot To Mention, I Didn't Really Like Myself.
I Felt Like A Fuzzy, Carbon Copy Of Myself. I Felt The Passion, The Conviction, And The Grit Somewhere Inside Of Me Yet A Bunch Of Preconceived Ideas Somehow Got In The Way.
— Ann Brasco —

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