T. Greenwood Quotes: But Even Then Even All Those Years When

But Even Then, Even All Those Years When She Was Never Physically By Herself, She Was Beginning To Feel The Chasm Growing Between Her And The Rest Of The World. It Was Like A Small Tear In The Seam Of A Dress, A Certain Pulling Away. A Ripping. And Once It Started, There Was No Stopping It. Of Course, She Tried So Hard To Keep It Together, To Tether Herself To This World. She Filled Her Life With People. With Friends And Family. But Even Then She Knew That Mere Presence Of People In One's Life Cannot Eliminate The Terrifying Sense Of One's Aloneness In The World. Being Surrounded By People Is Not The Same As Connection. As Friendship. As Love. When Robert Came Along, She Believed For A Little While She Had Found The Answer, The Bridge That Crossed The Deep Canyon. And Children Too Became Links Between Herself And Normalcy. The Accident Didn't Start It, It Just Proved The Faultiness, The Tenuousness Of These Connections.
— T. Greenwood —

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