H.W. Brands Quotes: Some Months Earlier One Of His Oldest

Some Months Earlier One Of His Oldest Friends, Junto Charter Member Hugh Roberts, Had Written With News Of The Club And How The Political Quarreling In Philadelphia Had Continued To Divide The Membership. Franklin Expressed Hope That The Squabbles Would Not Keep Roberts From The Meetings. "'tis Now Perhaps One Of The Oldest Clubs, As I Think It Was Formerly One Of The Best, In The King's Dominions; It Wants But About Two Years Of Forty Since It Was Established." Few Men Were So Lucky As To Belong To Such A Group. "We Loved And Still Love One Another; We Are Grown Grey Together And Yet It Is Too Early To Part. Let Us Sit Till The Evening Of Life Is Spent; The Last Hours Were Always The Most Joyous. When We Can Stay No Longer 'tis Time Enough Then To Bid Each Other Good Night, Separate, And Go Quietly To Bed." And
— H.W. Brands —

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