Ayuzawa Misaki Quotes: I Am Ive Been Enduring Why Must It Be

I Am. I've Been Enduring! Why Must It Be You?! I Don't Get It At All!
You're A Pervert Who Annoys Me All The Time. You're Always Running Ahead Of Me And Teasing Me.
It's Your Fault! I Wouldn't Have Realized It If Not For That Game! I Wanted To Join Hands With You Since A Long Time Ago!
One Moment You're Sexually Harassing Me, And Then Gone The Next ... Just What Are You Thinking? Why Is My Heart Beating So Fast? Why Do I Feel Lonely When You Leave Me? Why Are You ... The Only One Causing Me So Much Confusion?
You Idiot, Why Do You Always Tease Me?
— Ayuzawa Misaki —

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