Mercy Celeste Quotes: I Think Youve Got The Wrong Idea I Like

I Think You've Got The Wrong Idea. I Like Women."
"I Do Too." A Light Burned In Deacon's Eyes That Sent Something Sizzling Through Shelby's Body. "Most Of The Time. Nothing Like Sweet Perfume And Soft Curves, Is There?"
Shelby Didn't Say Anything. He Couldn't Break Deacon's Mesmerizing Gaze.
"Nothing Except The Hot, Hard Body Of A Man All Sweaty And Furious After A Game Of Tag Football That Turned Violent And Ended With Dirt In Places Dirt Isn't Meant To Go. Or A Man's Mouth On Your Cock, God, There Is Nothing Like A Man Sucking You Off, Thursday. Have You Ever Been Sucked Off By A Man?
— Mercy Celeste —

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