Mercy Celeste Quotes: Because Of That Because My Life Ended

Because Of That, Because My Life Ended Fifty-two Thursdays Ago, Because ... I Have Nothing Left To Live For. God Damn It, Suck Me, You Asshole. You Made Me Want You, Always Staring At Me Like I'm Candy Or Something. Suck Me, I Want To Come In Your Mouth, You Motherfucking ... " Deacon Lifted Him Off His Body And Flipped Him Onto His Back. He Landed On The Hard Floor, Out Of Breath.
"Demanding Little Foul-mouthed Whelp, Aren't You? I Like That, Thursday. Unbutton Your Jeans. Slowly. While I Watch."
"Fuck You."
"Later, Sweetheart. Right Now I Want To See Your Cock. Show Me Your Cock, Thursday.
— Mercy Celeste —

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