Adele Ashworth Quotes: Forgive Me Madam He Said Lightly Amused

Forgive Me, Madam," He Said Lightly, Amused, "but Waiting To Make Love To You Again Is Straining My Nerves."
She Scoffed But She Was Quite Shaken; He Could See It In Her Expression, In The Way She Nervously Toyed With The Buttons On Her Pelisse.
"How Awfully Presumptuous Of You To Think I'd Let You."
"You Will," He Insisted Soothingly.
She Gaped At Him.
"Please Continue," He Urged. "I'm Aching To Hear The Rest."
"You're As Arrogant As Usual."
"You Missed It, Though."
"I Absolutely Did Not," She Asserted.
He Grinned. "You Missed My Arrogance Almost As Much As I Missed Your Impudence, Little One."
"That's Absurd."
"I Love You, Caroline," He Softly, Quickly Replied, Catching Her Off Guard With Such Tenderness. "Move On Before I Decide I'm Finished With This Conversation, Rip Off Your Clothes, And Show You How Much.
— Adele Ashworth —

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