Jessica Verday Quotes: I Slammed The Back Door Shut And Gave

I Slammed The Back Door Shut And Gave Caspian A Look.
He Put Both Hands Up In The Air, "What? I Didn't Do Anything."
"No. But You Wanted To. And Besides, We Don't Really Know Yet What Can You Do."
"Well, I Know I Can't Make People Disappear," He Muttered Darkly "or Else He Would Have Been Gone A Half An Hour Ago"
I Was Shocked At How Serious He Sounded, And Then I Looked Into His Eyes, "You're Jealous!"
"He Wanted To Kiss You!"
Now I Was Dumbfounded, "How Do You Know That?"
"Because," He Said, Running A Hand Through His Hair And Pushing It Back "It's What I'd Want To Do
— Jessica Verday —

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