Frédéric Chopin Quotes: Kalkbrenner Has Made Me An Offer That I

Kalkbrenner Has Made Me An Offer; That I Should Study With Him For Three Years, And He Will Make Something Really - Really Out Of Me. I Answered That I Know How Much I Lack; But That I Cannot Exploit Him, And Three Years Is Too Much. But He Has Convinced Me That I Can Play Admirably When I Am In The Mood, And Badly When I Am Not; A Thing Which Never Happens To Him. After Close Examination He Told Me That I Have No School; That I Am On An Excellent Road, But Can Slip Off The Track. That After His Death, Or When He Finally Stops Playing, There Will Be No Representative Of The Great Piano-forte School. That Even If I Wish It, I Cannot Build Up A New School Without Knowing The Old One; In A Word : That I Am Not A Perfected Machine, And That This Hampers The Flow Of My Thoughts. That I Have A Mark In Composition; That It Would Be A Pity Not To Become What I Have The Promise Of Being ...
— Frédéric Chopin —

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