Terryl L. Givens Quotes: C S Lewis Wrote That Sooner Or Later God

C. S. Lewis Wrote That "sooner Or Later [God] Withdraws, If Not In Fact, At Least From Their Conscious Experience, All Those Supports And Incentives. He Leaves The Creature To Stand Up On Its Own Legs. . . It Is During Such Trough Periods, Much More Than During The Peak Periods, That It Is Growing Into The Sort Of Creature He Wants It To Be." This Is Because "He Wants Servants Who Can Finally Become Sons [and Daughters]."22 That May Simply Be, Unavoidably, A Wrenching Process Of Spiritual Abandonment Such As Eve And Adam Felt In Their Expulsion From God's Presence, Or We All Must Have Felt Upon Leaving Of Our Premortal Estate. Perhaps This Feeling Of Desolation Was Entailed In Joseph's Remark That In Our Quest For Understanding, We "must Search Into And Contemplate The Darkest Abyss."23 Perhaps Many Of Us Will Never Find God By Calling Out His Name At The Entrance To The Cave; We Must Enter Its Depths.
— Terryl L. Givens —

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