Chloe Gadsby-Jones Quotes: Life Is Magical There Are Always

Life Is Magical, There Are Always Mysteries You Won't Understand, Like The One That Happened Today. I Guess That's What Makes It Exciting, The Fact That You Never Know What To Expect On This Journey. No Matter How Dim The Lights Of Life Look, It Can Always Get Brighter. That's Why I'm Going To Keep On Going. Who Knows? Maybe My Life Will Magically Turn Back To The Way It Used To Be. Or Maybe It'll Turn Out Even Better. But I Can't Find Any Of That Out Unless I Am Strong. Strong I Will Be, Looking On The Bright Side Whenever Possible, Sailing My Ship Through The Waters, No Matter How Stormy They Will Be. I Will Be Brave. Always.
— Chloe Gadsby-Jones —

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