James St. James Quotes: I Was So Scared It Was All Going To Be

I Was So Scared It Was All Going To Be Gone By The Time I Got There. Ninth Grade, Tenth Grade - Can't This Thing Go Any Faster?
In The Magazine, There Were Funny People With Funny Names Like John Sex, Who Had Wild White Hair And A Snake!-and Didn't That Just Open Up A Kaleidoscope Of New Possibilities?
And How Long The Years Are-endless! And The Minutae Of Your Daily Life! So Tedious, When There Are BIG THINGS Happening A Thousand Miles Away. And When You Go To Bed At Night, It's Hard To Believe Those People, Those Fabulous, Daunting People, Are Out There Right Now!
So We Wait, And We Endure, And Someday We Will Be There, And We Will Make It.
— James St. James —

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