John Eldredge Quotes: In The Case Of Our Fair Maiden We Have

In The Case Of Our Fair Maiden, We Have Overlooked Two Very Crucial Aspects To That Myth. On The One Hand, None Of Us Ever Really Believed The Sorcerer Was Real. We Thought We Could Have The Maiden Without A Fight. Honestly, Most Of Us Guys Thought Our Biggest Battle Was Asking Her Out. And Second, We Have Not Understood The Tower And Its Relationship To Her Wound; The Damsel Is In Distress. If Masculinity Has Come Under Assault, Femininity Has Been Brutalized. Eve Is The Crown Of Creation, Remember? She Embodies The Exquisite Beauty And The Exotic Mystery Of God In A Way That Nothing Else In All Creation Even Comes Close To. And So She Is The Special Target Of The Evil One; He Turns His Most Vicious Malice Against Her. If He Can Destroy Her Or Keep Her Captive, He Can Ruin The Story.
— John Eldredge —

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