Thomas Keneally Quotes: Even Among Sedlaceks Own Small Cell His

Even Among Sedlacek's Own Small Cell, His Viennese Anti-Nazi Club, It Was Not Imagined That The Pursuit Of The Jews Had Grown Quite So Systematic. Not Only Was The Story Schindler Told Him Startling Simply In Moral Terms: One Was Asked To Believe That In The Midst Of A Desperate Battle, The National Socialists Would Devote Thousands Of Men, The Resources Of Precious Railroads, And Enormous Cubic Footage Of Cargo Space, Expensive Techniques Of Engineering, A Fatal Margin Of Their Research-and-development Scientists, A Substantial Bureaucracy, Whole Arsenals Of Automatic Weapons, Whole Magazines Of Ammunition, All To An Extermination Which Had No Military Or Economic Meaning But Merely A Psychological One.
— Thomas Keneally —

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