Jamie McGuire Quotes: You Just Asked Me To Marry You He Said

You Just Asked Me To Marry You," He Said, Still Waiting For Me To Admit Some Kind Of Trickery.
"I Know."
"That Was The Real Deal, You Know. I Just Booked Two Tickets To Vegas For Noon Tomorrow. So That Means We're Getting Married Tomorrow Night."
"Thank You."
His Eyes Narrowed. "You're Going To Be Mrs. Maddox When You Start Classes On Monday."
"Oh," I Said, Looking Around. Travis Raised An Eyebrow.
"Second Thoughts?"
"I'm Going To Have Some Serious Paperwork To Change Next Week."
He Nodded Slowly, Cautiously Hopeful. "You're Going To Marry Me Tomorrow?"
I Smiled. "Uh Huh"
"You're Serious?"
"I Fucking Love You!" He Grabbed Each Side Of My Face, Slamming His Lips Against Mine. "I Love You So Much, Pigeon," He Said, Kissing Me Over And Over.
— Jamie McGuire —

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