Marianna Paige Quotes: It Makes Me Sick The Way Sadness Is

It Makes Me Sick, The Way Sadness Is Addicting. The Way I Can't Stop. Sadness Is Familiar. It's Comfortable And It's Easy In A Sense That It Comes Naturally To Me. But Everything Else About It Is Hard. The Way My Body Aches With Self-hatred. The Way My Mind Spins And Spins With Hopeless Thoughts. The Way It Poisons Everything I Do, Every Relationship I Have. Yet It's Addicting, Because I Know Sadness, And I Know It Very Well. And There's A Sort Of Comfort In That, Like Being Home After A Trip Or Sleeping In Your Own Bed After Being Away. There's Just A Sense That This Is Where I Belong. This Is How It's Supposed To Be.
— Marianna Paige —

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