Paul Beatty Quotes: My Litmus Test Of Compatibility Is Tom

My Litmus Test Of Compatibility Is 'Tom Cruise.' I Hate People Who Hate Tom Cruise, Cultural Automatons Who At The Mention Of His Name Reflexively Bridle And Say The Diminutive Thespian And Theta Level Scientoligist Is 'crazy' And 'a Terrible Actor'. They Hate Him Because He's Easy To Hate. They Think That Despising Tom Cruise's Lack Of Personality And Supposed Lack Of Talent Is Somehow A Blow Against The Bland American Anschluss Of The Rest Of The Planet. Tom Cruise May Indeed Be The Christopher Columbus Of The Twentieth Century, Sent Off By The Kings Of Hollywood To Prove The New World Of International Box Office Isn't Flat And To Find A Direct Route Into The Asian Market, But The Decline Of Everything Isn't His Fault; He's Just A Cinematic Explorer And A Damn Fine Actor. And Hating Him Doesn't Make You Seditious- It Makes You Complicit.
— Paul Beatty —

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