Diane Duane Quotes: Nita Drank Her Tea Watching Roshaun Read

Nita Drank Her Tea, Watching Roshaun Read While He Maneuvered The Lollipop From One Side Of His Mouth To The Other. The Bulge It Produced Looked Very Out Of Place Against His Otherwise Flawless Facial Structure.
Roshaun Felt Nita's Gaze Resting On Him, And Looked Up. "What?"
Nita Controlled Her Smile. "The Lollipop ... "
"What About It?"
"I Hate To Say This, But You're Kind Of Spoiling Your Grandeur."
"What Grandeur He Has," Dairine Remarked.
"Kings Are Made No Less Noble By Eating," Roshaun Said. "Rather, They Ennoble What They Eat."
"Wow, Who Sold You That One?" Nita Said.
— Diane Duane —

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