Ben Edlund Quotes: Simon Youre In A Dangerous Line Of Work

Simon: You're In A Dangerous Line Of Work, Jayne. Odds Are You'll Be Under My Knife Again, Often. So I Want You To Understand One Thing Very Clearly: No Matter What You Do Or Say Or Plot, No Matter How You Come Down On Us, I Will Never, Ever Harm You. You're On This Table, You're Safe ... 'cause I'm Your Medic. And However Little We May Like Or Trust Each Other, We're On The Same Crew. Got The Same Troubles, Same Enemies, And More Than Enough Of Both. Now, We Could Circle Each Other And Growl, Sleep With One Eye Open, But That Thought Wearies Me. I Don't Care What You've Done, I Don't Know What You're Planning On Doing, But I'm Trusting You. I Think You Should Do The Same. 'Cause I Don't See This Working Any Other Way.
River: Also, I Can Kill You With My Brain.
— Ben Edlund —

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