Clemence Housman Quotes: The Clear Stars Before Him Took To

The Clear Stars Before Him Took To Shuddering And He Knew Why; They Shuddered At Sight Of What Was Behind Him. He Had Never Divined Before That Strange Things Hid Themselves From Men, Under Pretence Of Being Snow-clad Mounds Of Swaying Trees; But Now They Came Slipping Out From Their Harmless Covers To Follow Him, And Mock At His Impotence To Make A Kindred Thing Resolve To Truer Form. He Knew The Air Behind Him Was Thronged; He Heard The Hum Of Innumerable Murmurings Together; But His Eyes Could Never Catch Them - They Were Too Swift And Nimble; But He Knew They Were There, Because, On A Backward Glance, He Saw The Snow Mounds Surge As They Grovelled Flatlings Out Of Sight; He Saw The Trees Reel As They Screwed Themselves Rigid Past Recognition Among The Boughs.
— Clemence Housman —

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