Luke Timothy Johnson Quotes: What Is It Really That We Could Lose If

What Is It, Really, That We Could Lose If We Handed Ourselves Over To The Discernment Of Faith? Would We Really Lose Anything Except The Illusion Of Control? This Question Suggests That There May Be An Idolatrous Project Underlying Resistance To Spiritual Discernment: The Desire For A Decision-making Process That We Can Predict And Control.
But The Obedience Of Faith Offers No Certainties, Not Even That Of Being Certain Of Our Our Fidelity. We Cannot Know If The Decision We Make Here And Now Are Correct. We Only Know That They Are The Best We Are Able To Make, And That In The Future We Might Both Regret Them And Need To Change Them. The Reason Has Nothing To Do With Our Sinfulness And Everything To Do With The Fact That Faith Has To Do With The Living God, Who Always Moves Ahead Of Us In Surprising And Sometimes Shocking Ways. "It Is A Fearful Thing To Fall Into The Hands Of The Living God" (Heb. 10:31).
— Luke Timothy Johnson —

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