S.C. Stephens Quotes: I Never Thought Of Myself As Anything

I Never Thought Of Myself As Anything But Plain And Ordinary Until You Came Along. The Way You Look At Me, The Way You See Me ... You Pull Something Out Of Me. When I Want To Hide, You Urge Me Forward. When I Think I'm Not Good Enough, You Make Me Believe I Am. When I Feel Anything But Pretty, You Convince Me I'm Beautiful. Just Being Around You Makes Me Feel Special. You Don't Think You're Good At Loving People, But You Are. Your Friends, Your Family ... The Level Of Love That You Have For People Astounds Me. You Don't Think People Love You Back, But They Do. They Fiercely Love You. I Fiercely Love You. I've Never Met Anyone As Passionate As You, As Kindhearted As You ... As Amazing As You. You Love With Every Fiber Of Your Soul. You Inspire Me Every Day. And If You'll Agree To Be My Husband, I'll Do My Best To Make You Proud Of Me, To Inspire You.
— S.C. Stephens —

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