Charles Martin Quotes: Termite Youre Young And Im Not Sure If

Termite, You're Young, And I'm Not Sure If You're Going To Understand What I'm About To Say, But Here's The Nugget: Without The Heart, Nothing Else Matters. She Could Be The Goddess Of Love, You Could Have All The Mind-blowing Sex You Could Physically Handle, But When The Shooting Is Over, And You're Starting To Think About Getting A Bite To Eat, Smoking A Cigarette, Or What You Do With Her Now, You're Just Lying In Bed With A Woman Who Means Little More To You Than The Remote Control For Your TV. Love Is Not Tool; Neither Is A Woman's Heart. What I'm Talking About, You Won't Find In That Magazine."
"How Would You Know? You Just Said You've Only Loved One Woman. I Think You Need To Test-drive A Few Cars Before You Buy One."
"You Can Buy That Lie If You Want, But If You're Working For A Bank, You Don't Study The Counterfeit To Know The Real Thing. You Study The Real Thing To Know The Counterfeit."
Reese Talking To Termite, Pg. 109-110
— Charles Martin —

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