Dee Brown Quotes: On The Mainland Of America The

On The Mainland Of America, The Wampanoags Of Massasoit And King Philip Had Vanished, Along With The Chesapeakes, The Chickahominys, And The Potomacs Of The Great Powhatan Confederacy. (Only Pocahontas Was Remembered.) Scattered Or Reduced To Remnants Were The Pequots, Montauks, Nanticokes. Machapungas, Catawbas, Cheraws, Miamis, Hurons, Eries, Mohawks, Senecas, And Mohegans. (Only Uncas Was Remembered.) Their Musical Names Remained Forever Fixed On The American Land, But Their Bones Were Forgotten In A Thousand Burned Villages Or Lost In Forests Fast Disappearing Before The Axes Of Twenty Million Invaders. Already The Once Sweet-watered Streams, Most Of Which Bore Indian Names, Were Clouded With Silt And The Wastes Of Man; The Very Earth Was Being Ravaged And Squandered. To The Indians It Seemed That These Europeans Hated Everything In Nature-the Living Forests And Their Birds And Beasts, The Grassy Glades, The Water, The Soil, And The Air Itself.
— Dee Brown —

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