Debra Gilbert Rosenberg Quotes: New Mothers Enter The World Of Parenting

New Mothers Enter The World Of Parenting Feeling Much Like Alice In Wonderland.
- Being A Mother Is One Of The Most Rewarding Jobs On Earth And Also One Of The Most Challenging.
- Motherhood Is A Process. Learn To Love The Process.
- There Is A Tremendous Amount Of Learning That Takes Place In The First Year Of Your Baby's Life; The Baby Learns A Lot, Too.
- It Is Sometimes Difficult To Reconcile The Fantasy Of What You Thuoght Motherhood Would Be Like, And What You Thought You Would Be Like As A Mother, With Reality.
- Take Care Of Yourself. If Mommy Isn't Happy, No One Else In The Family Is Happy Either.
- New Mother Generally Need To Lower Their Expectations.
- A Good Mother Learns To Love Her Child As He Is And Adjusts Her Mothering To Suit Her Child.
— Debra Gilbert Rosenberg —

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