Jerzy Kosiski Quotes: One Day He Trapped A Large Raven Whose

One Day He Trapped A Large Raven, Whose Wings He Painted Red, The Breast Green, And The Tail Blue. When A Flock Of Ravens Appeared Over Our Hut, Lekh Freed The Painted Bird. As Soon As It Joined The Flock A Desperate Battle Began. The Changeling Was Attacked From All Sides. Black, Red, Green, Blue Feathers Began To Drop At Our Feet. The Ravens Ran Amuck In The Skies, And Suddenly The Painted Raven Plummeted To The Freshly-plowed Soil. It Was Still Alive, Opening Its Beak And Vainly Trying To Move Its Wings. Its Eyes Had Been Pecked Out, And Fresh Blood Streamed Over Its Painted Feathers. It Made Yet Another Attempt To Flutter Up From The Sticky Earth, But Its Strength Was Gone.
— Jerzy Kosiski —

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