Robert Stone Quotes: There Were Icons Of The Magdalen On The

There Were Icons Of The Magdalen On The Walls And Paintings In The Western Manner, All Kitsch, Trash. Mary M., Lucas Thought, Half Hypnotized By The Chanting In The Room Beside Him; Mary Moe, Jane Doe, The Girl From Migdal In Galilee Turned Hooker In The Big City. The Original Whore With The Heart Of Gold. Used To Be A Nice Jewish Girl, And The Next Thing You Know, She's Fucking The Buckos Of The Tenth Legion Fratensis, Fucking The Pilgrims Who'd Made Their Sacrifice At The Temple And Were Ready To Party, The Odd Priest And Levite On The Sly.
Maybe She Was Smart And Funny. Certainly Always On The Lookout For The Right Guy To Take Her Out Of The Life. Like A Lot Of Whores, She Tended Towards Religion. So Along Comes Jesus Christ, Mr. Right With A Vengeance, Mr. All Right Now! Fixes On Her His Hot, Crazy Eyes And She's All, Anything, I'll Do Anything. I'll Wash Your Feet With My Hair. You Don't Even Have To Fuck Me.
— Robert Stone —

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