Bec Botefuhr Quotes: You Wont Always Spoil Her Or Treat Her

You Won't Always Spoil Her .or Treat Her Like A Princess.You Won't Tell Her She's Beautiful Everyday.You Won't Make Her Smile Every Night And You Won't Always Want Her The Way You Do Now.That Fades.Those Giddy Little Stomach Flutters Fade And You're Then Left With Reality.There Will Be Day's You Will Forget To Tell Her She's Beautiful,even Though She Needs To Hear It.There Will Be Days You'll To Say I Love You.There Will Be Days You'll Forget A Birthday Or An Anniversary.There Will Be A Time When She Will Walk Past You And You Won;t Want To Ravish Her, The Way You Do Now.Those Things Fade, And When They Do, What's Left Is What's Truly Worth Fighting For Love Isn't Always Beautiful, Heck,it's Not Even Close To Being Perfect Half The Time,feelings Change, The Spark Dies Down And What You're Left With Is Something You Either Chose To Fight For You Don't When You Know That Even Through Those Things Are Gone,you're Still Willing To Fight For Every Breath ,then You Know The Love Is Real.
— Bec Botefuhr —

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