D.C. Grace Quotes: You Expect Me To Believe Youre A Witch A

You Expect Me To Believe You're A Witch? A Broom Riding, Cauldron Stirring, Poison Apple Witch? Witches Are Fae, Angelina," Dasan Mocked.
"No, You Creeper, Witches Are Not Fae. Maybe Some Are, But There Are Mortals Who Practice Witchcraft, And I'm One Of Them!" Angelina Almost Spit The Words At Him. "And We Don't Ride Brooms, Get Real! How Hans Christian Anderson Are You, Anyway? As For Poison Apples, You'll Be Lucky To Not Get Served One In Your Lifetime! I Mean, You And Your Buddy Here Turn Into Giant ... What Are You ... Dogs ... But You Can't Believe In A Little Earth Magic? Grow Up!"
"See, This Is The Kind Of Conversation That Would Crop Up On Like A Third Or Fourth Date," I Chimed In, Unable To Help Myself.
-told By Finley In The Sacred Oath
— D.C. Grace —

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