Corey Taylor Quotes: There Is Going To Come A Time When We

There Is Going To Come A Time When We Have To Accept Who We Are Without The Assistance Of Religion. That Will Be The Dawn Of True Faith. We Leave The Big Decisions To Invisible Consultants And Pray We Get The Answers We Are Looking For. The Late Great George Carlin Once Said He Gave Up Praying To God And Started Praying To Joe Pesci Because His Prayers To Joe Pesci Were Answered With As Much Accuracy And Frequency As Those To God. [ ... ] If We As People Are Still Looking For Answers, We Should Turn Our Eyes Away From The Heavens And Look To Each Other. I Know We Do Not Play Well Together - Hell, Some Of Us Do Not Even Like Being In The Same Room With Each Other - But The Divine Lies In All Of Us. We Are Miracles. We Are "god." If We Shared A Little More, We Would Not Be Left Feeling Less. We Hold The Keys To Our Own Destinies. It Is Time We Started Looking For The Locks.
— Corey Taylor —

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