Bill Barich Quotes: H L Menckens Dictionary Of The American

H. L Mencken's Dictionary Of The American Language Supplies A Long List Of Slang Terms For Being Drunk, But The Irish Are No Slouches, Either. They're Spannered, Rat-arsed, Cabbaged, And Hammered; Ruined, Legless, Scorched, And Blottoed; Or Simply Trolleyed Or Sloshed. In Kerry, You're Said To Be Flamin'; In Waterford, You're In The Horrors; And In Cavan, You've Gone Baloobas, A Tough One To Wrap Your Tongue Around If You ARE Baloobas. In Donegal, You're Steamin', While The Afflicted In Limerick Are Out Of Their Tree.
— Bill Barich —

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